Sequencing Pipette

Variable volume microdispenser for DNA sequencing.

Problem-Free DNA Sequencing

Introducing the first variable volume Microdispeners designed for DNA sequencing operations and engineered to eliminate typical problems for accurate, precise results. The tapered polycarbonate tips provide precise nanoliter sample delivery into narrow gel slots.

Two tips are available: .34mm O.D. and .19mm O.D., and can dispense into .35mm and 0.2mm gel slots. Volume range is .25μL to 3μL.

The noncontact plunger and replaceable, autoclavable tips ensure accurate results.

  • Replaceable, Autoclavable Tips
  • Eliminates Errors
  • High-Quality
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Catalog Information

Cat. No. Description Pack
Buy Now 3-000-203 Gel Sequencing Pipette Supplied with six .34 mm Bores 1
Buy Now 3-000-203-G Replacement Bores .34 mm 10
3-000-203-G/.2 Replacement Bores .19 mm 10
3-000-002-K3 O-Ring Kit, Model 203 1
Pipettes Made in the USA

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