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As a trusted leader, manufacturer, and distributor of precision laboratory equipment, Drummond Scientific is the innovative creator of the first Pipet-Aid, designer of the most efficient pipette controllers, and the best in delivering innovative liquid handling systems for life sciences and bio industry professionals.

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Global Manufacturer of High Quality Life Sciences Laboratory Equipment

Drummond Scientific is a global manufacturer of life sciences equipment offering a wide range of laboratory tools including pipette controllers, pipette aid, and microinjectors. Designing and manufacturing products for over 70 years, we are product innovators setting standards for precision, safety, and ease of use. We sell direct to wholesalers, life sciences distributors, and consumers – and offer original equipment manufacturing (OEM) services for collaboration.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Services

Drummond has served a range of customers (Fortune 500, start-ups, academics, and nonprofits) who represent some of the most innovative and respected names in the biotech and diagnostic industries. We work directly with R&D and integration teams to design custom solutions for the collection, transfer, and delivery of biological/liquid samples. We support product development across an important and growing industry and therefore, our precisely engineered devices can be delivered at competitive prices.

Lab Product OEM Services

OEM Engagement Models

Whether it’s a unique product specification that cannot be met with existing equipment or a concept to take to market, we may be able to help through our OEM services by offering a collaboration, partnership, or investment.


OEM Customers

Drummond supports a diverse and global group of organizations across the life sciences industry.


OEM Collaboration

We are always looking for enterprising research where our design and engineering will achieve aims efficiently.


OEM Ventures

Drummond created Venture OEM to address the limited resources available to early-stage companies.

Drummond by the Numbers

As a trusted company in the market, our years of experience and hours dedicated to innovation speak for themselves.

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