Dialamatic Microdispenser

Easy to use functionality. Easy to read precision.

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The Dialamatic Microdispenser offers everything a user needs to conduct precise applications with ease. The engraved plunger clearly identifies delivery scale, and fractional deliveries are possible with premarked indexes. The adjustable plunger sets volume and can be read directly, with a volumetric accuracy of ±1% (at full volume).

Constructed of Borosilicate glass bores and stainless steel plungers, with PTFE tips on all plungers 25μL or larger.

  • Easy to Read Delivery Scale
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Volumetric Accuracy of ±1% at Full Volume
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Catalog Information

Cat. No. Total Capacity (μL) Recommended Range (μL) Delivery Increments (μL)
Buy Now 3-000-210 10 2.0 to 10 1
Buy Now 3-000-225 25 5 to 25 1
Buy Now 3-000-250 50 10 to 50 2
Buy Now 3-000-275 100 20 to 100 10
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