HEMATO-CLAD® Mylar® Wrapped* Hematocrit Tubes

High-quality durable protection for personal safety and a safe laboratory environment.

Protected Precision

HEMATO-CLAD Hematocrit Tubes combine the precision of glass with the safety provided by a Mylar overwrap. Give your laboratory staff enhanced safety with no compromise in accuracy. With HEMATO-CLAD Tubes the chance of contamination due to glass fragments or aerosols is greatly reduced. Accidental breakage is significantly reduced particularly when pressing the tube into sealing clay. In the event of breakage, the Mylar wrapping will help contain the sample (blood) and provides an added layer of protection against cuts from broken glass.

  • Patented Protection
  • Dependable Accuracy
  • Reduce Accidental Breakage
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Quality is Made Here

With Drummond Scientific’s robust and unique manufacturing capabilities, we are able to create high-quality products that never compromise precision. HEMATO-CLAD Hematocrit Tubes are specifically engineered to be safe and accurate. Drummond Scientific remains committed to the manufacturing of industry-leading equipment serving a wide range of scientific and clinical applications.


Catalog Information

Cat. No. Description Package Size
Buy Now 1-000-7500-C/5 Plain (Blue) 1000/Case
Buy Now 1-000-7500-HC/5 Ammonium Heparin Coated (Red) 1000/Case
*Patent Number 5,173,266
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All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

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