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Pipet-Aid Gravity Drain

Pipet-Aid XP Special Instructions - Gravity Dispense Units Only

These units have a special feature designed for the European markets that enable the user to dispense fluid by gravity or by pumping fluid out with pressure.

  1. The upper FILL button can be rotated to enable the user to choose 3 speed ranges (S=slow; M=medium; F=fast). When a range is selected, fine control is obtained by the amount the buton is depressed. The farther the button is pressed, the faster the pipette is filled.
  2. The lower EMPTY button can also be rotated to enable the user 3 dispensing choices (S=slow; M=medium; G=Gravity drain). When the empty button is rotated to "G" the pump will not be activated. The fluid will drain by gravity. If the user would like to "blow out" the residual fluid in the pipette, the pump can be activated by simply holding the lower button in, and simultaneously pressing the FILL button slightly until the pump is activated.
  3. A unique feature enables the user to select the speed setting on one button independently of the other button. For example, FILL on "F" and EMPTY on "S".
  4. To remove the nosepiece, slide the nosepiece release button (located between the nosepiece and the handle), in the direction of the arrow molded in the handle and rotate the nosepiece counter-clockwise 1/4 turn and pull off. Failure to do so will damage the nosepiece.

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