Microinjectors are often used in genetic engineering and research, organism cloning, and in cell biology and viral studies. Clinical applications include in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, Organoids, Zebrafish, C Elegans, and Xenopus to name a few. Microinjection products are more technical and niche. Using technology that has been improved and innovated over and over again since the 1990s, the third generation Drummond Nanoject III is incredibly accurate offering the specificity required for this type of measurement. Microinjectors are not be used on humans.

microinjection tools

Precise Microinjectors Through Innovation

Microinjection is the process of inserting genetic material into an animal cell or embryo using a glass micropipette/injection needle to penetrate the cell membrane. It is essentially a microscope with an incorporated micromanipulator for precise needle positioning.

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