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Nanoject II Auto-Nanoliter Injector

Nanoject II Auto-Nanoliter Injector Automated microprocessor controlled Microinjection Pipet delivering precise nanoliter volumes accurately Remote control and non-rotating plunger eliminates vibration allowing precise injection minimizing possible cell rupture Selectable Injection Volumes: from 2.3 nanoliters to 69.0 nanoliters in 16 increments Selectable Operating Speeds: Fill Speed Fast 46 nL per second Slow 23 nL per second Injection Speed Fast 46 nL per second Slow 23 nL per second Empty Speed Fast 230 nL per second Slow 92 nL per second Supplied with sufficient borosilicate glass capillaries for preparing 400 injection tips, standard softening point 780°C Can be mounted on most micromanipulators


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Cat. No. Description
Buy Now 3-000-204 Nanoject II Variable Volume (2.3 to 69 nL) Automatic Injector with Glass Capillaries (110V)
Note: Universal Adapter now supplied with Nanoject II
3-000-204 kit contains the following items
Cat. No. Description
3-000-033* Power supply, 100 - 240V, 50/60 HzFour interchangeable adapters (US, UK, Euro, Aust.)* For Nanoject II units produced prior to January 1, 2016, contact Drummond.
Buy Now 3-000-203-G/X 100 pcs., 3.5
Buy Now 3-000-203-G/XL 100 pcs., 7
Buy Now 3-000-027 Backfilling needle
Buy Now 3-000-024-A Universal adapter
Buy Now 3-000-002-KN O-Ring kit for Models 204, 205A, and 206A includes: 1 collet, 1 small O-Ring, 1 spacer, 1 compression O-Ring, and 1 Allen wrench

Delicate Procedures Require Superior Technology

The Nanoject II Auto-Nanoliter Injector offers significant options and controls ideal for ultra-delicate work with oocytes, embryos, and tissues. Injection volumes range between 2.3 nanoliters and 69.0 nanoliters in 16 selectable increments.

Selectable Speed Settings:
Fill Speed (Fast) 46 nL per second.
Fill Speed (Slow) 23 nL per second.

Injection Speed (Fast) 46 nL per second.
Injection Speed (Slow) 23 nL per second.

Empty Speed (Fast) 230 nL per second.
Empty Speed (Slow) 92 nL per second.

The convenient remote control and non-rotating plunger eliminates potentially disastrous vibrations, allowing users to work accurately and efficiently.

The unit comes complete with 200 borosilicate capillaries for preparing 400 injection tips, with the standard softening point of 780°C.

Use the included Universal Adapter to mount on most micromanipulators.

An additional floor switch for hands-free operation is also available in the accessories section.

Please Note: For applications that require more options, lower volumes, and programmable functionality, consider the Drummond Nanoject III Programmable Nanoliter Injector.

  • Precision Control
  • Selectable Speeds and Volumes
  • Easy to Mount on Micromanipulators
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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Nanoject II and Case

Precision by Design

Drummond Scientific continues to innovate and engineer high-quality fluid transfer products designed for: Precision, Usability and Functionality. Our Nanoject II continues that tradition with state-of-the-art control and proven accuracy.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

What Nanoject II Auto-Nanoliter Injector Users Say

The New Nanoject III Is Now Available!

Nanoject II vs. Nanoject III Comparison

Both units utilize the same glass capillaries for pulling micropipettes. Due to the new improved method of securing the micropipette, smaller tips can be pulled and utilized on the Nanoject III. No O-rings to wear out. A micro “chuck” is used, and it simplifies attachment of the micropipette once backfilled with oil. The Nanoject III’s auto HOMING feature will eliminate the need to “rehome the unit as in the Nanoject II. This can reduce, if not totally eliminate, jamming of the plunger. Now available for the Nanoject II is the new Digital Control Box which has all the functionality of the original control box but now features a user friendly, easy to read touchscreen.

Nanoject II
Nanoject III

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