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Image of Drummond Portable Pipet-Aid® XP2 on a white background Image for Drummond XP2 Tissue Culture Nosepiece Kit

Portable Pipet-Aid® XP2 Pipette Controller

The Evolution of Xcellence Continues

  • New Ergonomic Design–The most comfortable pipettor you ever laid a hand on
  • Three-speed settings provide more precise control for use in the pipette filler mode and the pipette dispenser mode
  • New Power Source for Uninterrupted Extended Operation–Can be charged while in use
  • New Ultra Quiet Precision Pump–Great control for aspiration or dispensing

The new Drummond Pipet-Aid XP2 advances the industry standards for pipetting comfort, convenience, and control. Building on the years of experience of providing state-of-the-art tools that make your job in the laboratory safer, easier, and more convenient, the Pipet-Aid XP2 delivers more. The ergonomic design is more comfortable to handle. The new power source enables more convenient extended operation and the new more powerful pump provides great control and quieter operations. The unit is supplied complete with a power supply/charger, 4 extra filters, and a removable stand.


Size: 5.5˝
Weight: 7.2 oz.
Capacity: Accepts 1 to 100 mL pipets
Battery: Ni-MH (3.6V/700 mAh)

Catalog Information

  Cat. No. Description
BUY NOW 4-000-501 Pipet-Aid XP2, 110V
  4-000-501-A Pipet-Aid XP2, 240V, CE, Australia
  4-000-501-I Pipet-Aid XP2, 240V, CE, International
  4-000-501-UK Pipet-Aid XP2, 230V, CE, UK
BUY NOW 4-000-065 Power Supply/Charger, Input: 120V, 240V, 60Hz, 55m; Output: 6VDC, 200mA
*Now Replaces: 4-000-066, 4-000-066-A, 4-000-066-E
BUY NOW 4-000-530 Tissue Culture Nosepiece Kit includes: 1 filter connector, 1 nosepiece cover, 4 self-locking TC filters, 1 rubber insert
Replacement parts exploded diagram of Drummond Portable Pipet-Aid® XP2 Diagram
  Cat. No. Description
  4-000-520 (1) Nosepiece Cover
  4-000-522 (2) Filter Lock
  4-000-523 (3) Handle Shell
  4-000-524 (4) Filter Connector
BUY NOW 4-000-051 (5) Self-locking TC Filter 5/pk
BUY NOW 4-000-051-S Sterile Self-locking TC Filter 5/pk
BUY NOW 4-000-052 Self-locking TC Filter 50/pk
BUY NOW 4-000-052-S Sterile Self-locking TC Filter 50/pk
BUY NOW 4-000-002 (6) Rubber Insert
  4-000-525 (7) Button Assembly
  4-000-528 (8) XP2 Valve Body Complete w/Buttons
  4-000-072 (9) Switch Operator, XP/XL/XP2
  (10) Valve Body Slide (yellow) comes with Valve Body
  4-000-561 (11) XP2 Pump, Board, Wire Harness, Micro Switch with Connecting Tubing
  4-000-526 (12) XP2 Removable Stand
  4-000-527 (13) Front Cover Hold-down Clip
BUY NOW 4-000-036 Replacement Ni-MH Battery
BUY NOW 4-000-065 Not Shown XP2 Power Supply 10-240V, 50/60Hz
*Now Replaces: 4-000-066, 4-000-066-A, 4-000-066-E
BUY NOW 4-000-526 Not Shown Removable Stand for the Pipet-Aid XP2