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Image of the Original Drummond Portable Pipet-Aid® on a white background

Original Portable Pipet-Aid® Pipette Controller

  • Pipettes over 2000 times without recharging
  • Flow rate better than 25 mL at 5 seconds with 100 mL pipette
  • Cordless convenience
  • Tissue Culture Nosepiece provides quick disconnect and easier assembly
  • Holster-type wall bracket included

Used by millions of technicians all over the world, the Portable Pipet-Aid has earned a well-deserved reputation for reliability and durability in the laboratory. The filtered, failsafe nosepiece provides positive protection for the electronic components and prevents cross-contamination due to over-pipetting.

Catalog Information

  Cat. No. Description
BUY NOW 4-000-100 Supplied complete with 110V recharger (UL/CSA approved) plus four replacement filters
  4-000-200 Same as above but 230V, CE, Euro

U.S. Patent Numbers: 5,214,968, 4,624,147

Replacement parts exploded diagram of the Original Drummond Portable Pipet-Aid® Diagram
  Cat. No. Description
BUY NOW 4-000-002 (1) Rubber Insert (2/pk)
BUY NOW 4-000-012-W (2) Valve Body Only
  4-000-013 (3) Handle Connector
  4-000-017-P (4) Handle Shell, Portable
BUY NOW 4-000-021 (5) Button Assembly with Spring (pair)
BUY NOW 4-000-030 Pipet-Aid Charger 110V, (8.7 V/8 mA)
  4-000-031 Pipet-Aid Charger 230V, CE, Euro (8.7 V/8 mA)
  4-000-033 Pipet-Aid Charger 220V, CE, UK (8.7 V/8 mA)
BUY NOW 4-000-035 (6) Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery
  4-000-037 (7) Portable Micro-Switch
BUY NOW 4-000-040 (8) Portable Motor and Pump
  4-000-046 (9) Wire Harness Switch and Terminal Port
BUY NOW 4-000-050 (10) EZ Grip TC Nosepiece Complete Kit
BUY NOW 4-000-051 (11) Self-locking TC Filter 5/pk
BUY NOW 4-000-051-S (11) Sterile Self-locking TC Filter 5/pk
BUY NOW 4-000-052 Self-locking TC Filter 50/pk
BUY NOW 4-000-052-S Sterile Self-locking TC Filter 50/pk
  4-000-053-A (12) EZ Grip TC Nosepiece Outer Shell Only
BUY NOW 4-000-057 (13) TC Rubber Gaskets (pair)
BUY NOW 4-000-089 Pipet-Aid Holster-Type Wall Bracket

All portable units use a Ni-MH rechargeable battery. Recharge the unit when not in operation. Routine overnight charging has no detrimental effect on the battery. When fully charged, the unit will handle a full days' pipetting requirements. Replacement batteries are supplied by Drummond and are matched to our charging units. Do not use another manufacturers' charger. In normal use, the batteries should last at least two years.

If the battery charge is low, operating the unit with the charger plugged in will help, however, if the battery is dead, plugging in the charger will not help. Check apparent "dead" battery with another Drummond charger.

CHANGING THE BATTERY: (Watch a step-by-step video on the "Maintainance Video" tab) to replace battery.

(1) Remove entire nosepiece by unscrewing. (1A) Older models with "clip-on" nosepieces must have the T.C. bracket removed also. To do this, remove the T.C. gasket which usually remains in the upper portion to the handle. Take a coin and unscrew the T.C. screw to remove the bracket.

Once removed, (2) cut the label on the bottom of the handle near the charger terminal.

(3) Remove the 5 screws on the handle.

Once removed, (4) place the unit flat on a counter with the SCREW HOLES DOWN.

(5) Lift the top portion off and the internal components will remain in the bottom portion of the handle.

(6) The battery will be seen. Removal may require the gentle prying with a small screw driver to remove. It is held in with double-backed tape.

(7) Unplug battery from connector, replace with new Ni-MH Drummond battery (4-000-035) available from your local laboratory supply dealer or from Drummond directly.

If you experience any difficulty, call Drummond's HOTLINE at: 1-800-523-7480

T.C. Nosepieces do not use any "cotton" filters. Remove cotton found in any nosepiece. The Drummond Self-locking filter found in all portable nosepieces (and some standard Pipet-Aids), provides a unique protection against overpipetting. One drop of aqueous liquid will cause this filter to block. Replacement is necessary. Other filters do not offer this protection. DO NOT USE SUBSTITUTES. Wetting the filter will prevent any liquid flow in the pipette; however, the pump will sound normal. Replacement of the filter will restore normal function. CAUTION: When replacing the filter, make sure the rubber insert is clean and dry. A "hang-up" drop of liquid in the rubber insert can ruin the new filter.

Battery Replacement

Opening the Portable Pipet-Aid

  1. Cut label at bottom of Portable Pipet-Aid®
  2. Unscrew and remove nosepiece
  3. Remove 5 screws
  4. Invert and remove cover

Nosepiece Filter Replacement

Removal of Filter

  1. To remove nosepiece housing, push up, turn counter-clockwise 1/4 turn and pull
  2. Remove rubber insert
  3. Remove filter and TC gasket
  4. Remove TC gasket from filter and discard filter