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Image of Drummond Sequencing Pipette on a white background

Sequencing Pipette

  • The first variable volume Microdispenser designed for DNA sequencing operations
  • Two tapered polycarbonate tips available (.34 mm O.D. and .19 mm O.D.) to provide precise nanoliter sample delivery into narrow (.35 mm and 0.2 mm) gel slots
  • Noncontact plunger and replaceable autoclavable tips
  • Volume range: .25 μL to 3 μL

The Drummond Gel Sequencing Pipet is engineered to overcome sample delivery problems typical of DNA sequencing operations.

Catalog Information

  Cat. No. Description Pack
BUY NOW 3-000-203 Gel Sequencing Pipette Supplied with six .34 mm Bores 1
BUY NOW 3-000-203-G Replacement Bores .34 mm 10
  3-000-203-G/.2 Replacement Bores .19 mm 10
  3-000-002-K3 O-Ring Kit, Model 203 1