Image of Nanoject universal adapter Image of Drummond Nanoject support base on a white background

Nanoject II and III Accessories

Nanoject II with Universal Adapter on a right hand micromanipulator (3-000-024-R). Supported by a 3-000-025-SB Support Base.
Picture at top shows a Nanoject II supported by support Base.

Catalog Information

Cat. No. Description
3-000-024-A Universal Adapter*
3-000-024-L MM33 Micromanipulator (Left) with 1/2" clamp
3-000-024-R MM33 Micromanipulator (Right) with 1/2" clamp
3-000-025-SB Support Base
3-000-026 Foot Switch, Nanoject II only
3-000-032 Foot Switch, Nanoject III only

*Can be used on stereotaxic equipment using 7.9 mm clamps

Nanoject  Micromanipulator diagram Diagram