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Image of Drummond Manual Oocyte Microinjection Pipette on a white background

Manual Oocyte Microinjection Pipette

  • Non-rotating plunger eliminates tip wobble, allows more precise deposition
  • Inject volumes of 30 nanoliters or more with reproducible accuracy, drives oil interface with minimal or no overshoot
  • Utilizes pulled capillary tips, supplied with 100 8˝ glass capillaries sufficient for preparing 200 tips. User must pull their own tips.

Catalog Information

  Cat. No. Description
BUY NOW 3-000-510-X Oocyte Pipette with 100 8" Glass Capillaries
  Cat. No. Description Pack
  3-000-210-G Replacement Glass 3.5" 100
  3-000-210-G8 Replacement Glass 8" 100
BUY NOW 3-000-027 30 gauge, 2" Backfilling Needle 1
  3-000-002-K10 O-Ring Kit, Model 510-X 1
  3-000-000-210-X Wire Plunger 1