Image of Drummond Special Sample Collection Tubes (Aquacap®) on a white background

Special Sample Collection Tubes

  • Single use, disposable glass capillary pipets with hydrophobic plug preset to precise volume delivery
  • Plug controls volume and serves as a piston which dispenses sample when pressed downward by reusable plunger
  • Once used Aqua-Cap cannot be used again, eliminates any potential cross-contamination
  • Available in the sizes below in packages of 100

Catalog Information

Cat. No. Description Color Code Qty.
7-000-0500 Aqua-Cap, 50 μL Green 100 pcs/5 plungers
7-000-0650-LHC Aqua-Cap, 65 μL Blue 50 pcs/50 plungers Lithium heparin clad
7-000-1000 Aqua-Cap, 100 μL Blue 100 pcs/5 plungers