Portable Pipet-Aid® XL Pipette Controller

Eliminate arm fatigue and increase control with the new Portable Pipet-Aid® XL Pipette Controller
pipet aid XL

Keep Movement at a Minimum

The Portable Pipet-Aid® XL Pipette Controller adds comfort without giving up control when under a hood. Repetitive lifting and angeling your arm can be exhausting. Arm motion is reduced and extended pipet use is made easier with the ergonomically designed, longer handle and an adjustable sliding hand rest. Enjoy the accuracy, performance and convenience of our industry-leading Pipet-Aids in a state-of-the-art tool made specifically to alleviate arm fatigue.

The Portable Pipet-Aid® XL also features a new quieter, more powerful pump, and comes complete with power supply/charger, 4 extra filters, and a holster type wall bracket, and a removable stand.

  • Lightweight
  • Long Handle
  • Three-speed settings provide more precise control
  • Can be charged while in use to eliminate downtime
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Pipetting With Pure Precision

Drummond Scientific developed the original Pipet-Aid and has continues to innovate and create high-quality, precision instruments that set the industry standard for pipet and pipet controllers. With a focus on precision and usability, our products are designed to enhance fluid transfer and delivery across a wide range of scientific and clinical applications. The Portable Pipet-Aid XL provides users with an ergonomically designed instrument that never compromises precision.


Size: 10″
Weight: 8 oz.
Capacity: Accepts 1 to 100 mL pipets
Battery: Ni-MH (3.6V/700 mAh)

Catalog Information

Cat. No. Description
Buy Now 4-000-105 Portable Pipet-Aid XL, 110V
4-000-205 Portable Pipet-Aid XL 240V, CE, Euro
4-000-205-A Portable Pipet-Aid XL 240V, Australia
4-000-205-E Portable Pipet-Aid XL 230V, CE, UK
Buy Now 4-000-065 XP2 Power Supply 10-240V, 50/60Hz*Now Replaces: 4-000-066, 4-000-066-A, 4-000-066-E
Pipettes Made in the USA

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

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