Pipet-Aid® Hood Mate® Pipette Controller

Precision and control when it matters most.

Functionality that Never Wanders

This Pipette Controller is ideal for working comfortably under a hood, offering the ease and usability of a portable unit with the dependability and longevity of a more permanent laboratory fixture. Robust features include: The lightweight handle (4.3 oz.) offering nine fill and empty speed settings and proportional fingertip controls. A longer 6’ coiled hose. Energy saving “auto off.” Dedicated pump housing attaches to hood wall and gives you more space. Coiled vacuum/pressure line enters the handle from the top, for safer pipetting. And no charging is necessary. It’s always ready to work.

  • Saves Space
  • Lightweight Handle
  • No Batteries Needed
  • Precision Pipetting
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Focus on Efficiency without Compromising Precision

Drummond Scientific developed the original Pipet-Aid and has continues to innovate and create high-quality, precision instruments that set the industry standard for pipet and pipet controllers. With a focus on precision and usability, our products are designed to enhance fluid transfer and delivery across a wide range of scientific and clinical applications. The Drummond Pipet-Aid Hood Mate adds efficiency and functionality to the laboratory without compromising precision.


Catalog Information

Cat. No. Description
Buy Now 4-000-300 Pipet-Aid Hood Mate, 110V
4-000-302 Pipet-Aid Hood Mate, 220V, CE, Euro
4-000-303 Pipet-Aid Hood Mate, 220V, CE, UK
Pipettes Made in the USA

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

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