Laboratory Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Services

Drummond Scientific has designed and manufactured capillary glass and plastic tubing, injection molded plastic components, and electronic controls to solve the unique challenges our biosciences customers have faced in the laboratory.


Designing & Manufacturing Custom Lab Equipment

70+ years solving laboratory challenges

For decades, Drummond Scientific experts have applied our unique manufacturing capability and technical expertise to design and manufacture laboratory supplies that are specialized or adhere to specific requirements. We provide customized services for each customer we work with knowing that their challenges are as unique as our solutions. Together, we create high quality product solutions that work and ensure precision and safety.


OEM Engagement Models

Our unique manufacturing capability and technical expertise can be applied to create lab equipment tools for a variety of laboratory challenges. We work with groups who face unique challenges and design and manufacture custom solutions. We also collaborate with select partners and support companies in life sciences through investments.


OEM Customers

Drummond supports a diverse and global group of organizations across the life sciences industry.


OEM Collaboration

We align with select partners in a mutually beneficial manner for the advancement of diagnostic technology.


OEM Ventures

We bring late-stage manufacturing capabilities to early-stage companies.

Drummond Scientific OEM Leadership

Scott Ferguson

Director of Venture Manufacturing

Tim Ring

Director of OEM Sales

Chris Strohsahl

Director of New Product & Venture Development​

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