Nanoject II and III Accessories

New accessories for the Nanoject II and III.

Enhance Your Work

Drummond Scientific continues to offer users new tools and products to advance and enhance the Nanoject II and Nanoject III.

The Universal Adapter(3-000-024-R) and Support Base (3-000-025-SB) will attach your Nanoject II to a micromanipulator for easier use and accurate results.

The new Digital Control Box (3-000-029-D) replaces the Nanoject II’s analog controls with user-friendly touch screen funcuationly.



Catalog Information

Nanoject II Accessories
Cat. No. Description
Buy Now 3-000-024-A Universal Adapter*
Buy Now 3-000-024-L MM33 Micromanipulator (Left) with 1/2" clamp
Buy Now 3-000-024-R MM33 Micromanipulator (Right) with 1/2" clamp
Buy Now 3-000-025-SB Support Base
Buy Now 3-000-026 Foot Switch
Buy Now 3-000-029-D Digital Control Box
*Can be used on stereotaxic equipment using 7.9 mm clamps
Nanoject III Accessories
Cat. No. Description
Buy Now 3-000-030-K Replacement collet kit (1 collet, 1 chuck, 1 seal, 1 wire plunger, 1 Allen wrench)
Buy Now 3-000-030-C Replacement collet only
Buy Now 3-000-000-207 Replacement wire plunger (Note: Not the same as the Nanoject II plunger)
Buy Now 3-000-025-SB Support base
Buy Now 3-000-024-R Micromanipulator, right hand
3-000-024-L Micromanipulator, left hand
Buy Now 3-000-032 Footswitch (remote capability for fill, empty and inject functions)
Buy Now 3-000-030-BLK Silicon sealing o-rings (black, 3/pk.)
Pipettes Made in the USA

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

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