Non-contact microdispensing systems offer accurate and high-throughput deposition of bioactive fluids for many biological and life science applications. The high uniformity and small size of piezoelectric droplet generation make the technology desirable for creating micro features for high throughput analysis, fabricating precision microstructures, and depositing materials in MEMS and BioMEMS devices that cannot be achieved by other means.


Accuracy and Efficiency in Microdispensing

MicroDispensers consist of a dispensing unit and a separate pump/controller with a keypad. Drummond microdispensers offer high efficiency, repeatable accuracy, and maximum flexibility.

  • Precision
  • High-Quality
  • Improved Control
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Drummond Pipet-Aid® Controllers cover a host of lab research and Point-of-care testing

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Drummond Pipet-Aid® Controller Comparison Chart

Use this comparison chart to understand the difference between Drummond Pipet-Aid® Controller models and their useful features. This information will help you choose the best pipette controller to deliver the most accurate results for your intended applications.

Feature Other Pipette Controllers Portable Pipet- Aid® XP Pipette Controller Portable Pipet- Aid® XL Pipette Controller Pipet- Aid® Hood Mate® Pipette Controller
3 Speed Aspiration & Dispensing X
Removable Stand X X
Use in hood/laminar flow cabinet X X
Weight 230g 214g 214g 122g