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Hemocrit Tubes

These products are no longer available through Cardinal Health. Click here for available distributors.

HEMATO-CLAD® Mylar® Wrapped* Hematocrit Tubes
Image of Drummond HEMATO-CLAD® Hematocrit Tube group on a white background and image of HEMATO-CLAD tube and regular tube.

HEMATO-CLAD Hematocrit Tubes combine the precision of glass with the safety provided by a Mylar overwrap. Now, for the first time, you can give your laboratory staff enhanced safety with no compromise in accuracy.

Plasticrit Plastic Hematocrit Tubes
Image of group of Drummond Plasticrit Hematocrit Tubes

Plasticrit Plastic Hematocrit Tubes provide the identical capillary action as glass hematocrit tubes. They eliminate the possibility of contamination due to breakage with no compromise in accuracy. These 75 mm...