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Capillary Micropipettes

OEM Glass and Plastic Capillary Tubing
Image of Drummond Capillary Tubing

Drummond Scientific specializes in the production of glass, plastic, and plastic coated capillary tubing for a wide range of scientific and clinical OEM applications.

Calibrated Micropipettes
Image of Drummond Calibrated Micropipettes

Superior quality, Drummond precision Calibrated Micropipettes are available in sizes ranging from 1 to 200 microliters. Ideal for a variety of liquid transfer work, 250 color coded micropipettes, plus one 15?...

Wiretrol® I
Image of 2 Drummond Wiretrol® I on a white background

The Drummond Wiretrol provides the accuracy and high speed action generally found in expensive microdispensers at a fraction of the cost. A unique combination of a disposable precision bore calibrated micropipette and a...

Wiretrol® II
Image of 2 Drummond Wiretrol® II on a white background

The Wiretrol II provides the accuracy and convenience of the Wiretrol I but with dual graduations and a shorter plunger for noncontact delivery....

Image of Drummond Microcaps® on a white background

Drummond Microcaps are a fast, safe, clean, and accurate way to transfer liquids in micro quantities. They are precision-bore glass capillary tubes cut to predetermined lengths so that fill volumes are constant and...