Wiretrol® I

High speed accuracy of a microdispenser at a fraction of the cost.

The Economic Alternative

The Drummond Wiretrol offers the precision and efficiency of a microdispenser at a fraction of the cost. Designed for a wide variety of applications, the positive displacement micropipette includes fingertip control and a stainless steel plunger for fast, precise work. The Wiretrol accepts both high and low viscosity liquids, including corrosives. 100 glass micropipettes and 1 reusable plunger are included.

  • Low Cost, High Performance
  • Accepts Low Viscosity Liquids
  • Fingertip Control
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Catalog Information

Cat. No. Sizes (μL) Color Code Pack
5-000-1001 1 to 5* White 100
5-000-1003 3* Yellow 100
5-000-1005 5* White 100
5-000-1010 10* Orange 100
5-000-1020 20* Black 100
5-000-1025 25* Double White 100
5-000-1050 50** Green 100
5-000-1100 100** Blue 100
*Wire plunger only **Wire Plunger with PTFE tip
Pipettes Made in the USA

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

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